History of the Assemblies of God in Romania

The organization "Assemblies of God" was born in the wake of the revivals that took place in the early twentieth century. Those who took part in this resurrection were filled with the Holy Spirit, just as He was poured out on Jesus' disciples and followers at the feast of Pentecost. Those who participated in this revival were called Pentecostals. They experienced speaking in tongues as a sign of receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism, just as it did on the day of Pentecost. There were other supernatural manifestations, such as prophecy, interpretation of tongues, spiritual conversions, healings (Acts 2).

With the exception of worldwide statistics related to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the centuries, the movement appeared in Topeka, Kansas, USA, in January 1901, when the Holy Spirit carried on its wings the awakening in different parts of the earth. Participants in this movement who were baptized with the Holy Spirit were not well received by the churches to which they belonged. In response, many broke off relations with the denominations they belonged to and formed various organizations. Limited distance and communication contributed to the rapid isolation of Pentecostal churches from each other.


In 1913, a Pentecostal publication "Word and Testimony" appealed to independent churches, calling them to gather for fellowship and doctrinal unity. The first meeting of the new Pentecostal organization took place in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in April 1914, where more than 300 church leaders gathered, and only after three days in prayer did they begin discussing the organization of the new movement. The represented independent churches decided to form a new organization in which the local church would have full autonomy. That is why to this day, the Assemblies of God believe in the autonomy of the local church. Thus was born the General Council of the Assemblies of God. After only two years of activity, the newly founded organization becomes aware of the need to issue doctrinal standards.

       In Romania, this organization functioned until 1950, when it was closed by the communist authorities, as it happened with the Greek Catholic Church. After 1989, the Assemblies of God were re-established, and today, Romania has dozens of Churches and pastors of this denomination. The person who had a vision for starting the new organization is Rev. Bobby Beard, who was a missionary and director for Eastern Europe for the Assemblies of God.